ZTH Hypershift Pearl

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ZTH Hypershift Pearl

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Hypershift Brilliance with ZTH pearll

ZTH Hypershift Pearl

The most vivid and chromatic colorshift/ color travel pigments on the market. Unbelievable hiding ability and chroma; shifts between: Blues to Purples to Pinks. Finishes to a super fine pearlescent sheen. Pictured over a black base coat.


Silica 12003-38-2, Titanium Dioxide 13463-67-7, Iron Oxide 1332-37-2, Aluminum Oxide 1344-28-1


Ask a Question
  • Hello I have a 1985 corvette how many grams do I need for it ty

    If you're mixing it with a peelable paint, you only need 25 grams to make a gallon or 50 grams per gallon if it's going into a standard automotive clear.

  • Does this block radio (contains conductive materials)? My application is in a hobby rocket and I don't want to impede the RF tracker.

    It does not. There should be no issue

  • How many grams does it take to paint a 2004 Cadillac Escalade plus the gallons of clear coat and brake calipers

    You would need 50 grams to make one sprayable gallon using an automotive clear.

  • Hi. I have a BMW e46 4door how many grams should I buy?

    You would need 50 grams to make one sprayable gallon using an automotive clear.

  • Love the color. looking at repainting brake calipers, is this heat resistant?

    Yes, they sure are. It can withstand up to 400-800 degrees celcius.

  • Hi There. would you be able to use this in an e-poxy resin pour? The resin I use is a really slow cure.

    Yes, it works with any clear medium or even with resin

  • I understand that black would be best, but have you tried this on while paint

    We haven't. Different base color will yield different result. We always suggest testing it on a small scale first.

  • Can I put directly on a utv roll cage and rims without any prep work? Factory black Matte color for both rims and roll cage. Any heat needed or can this be powder coated? 2023 Polaris turbo R

    As long as it's a black base, it'll work just fine and yes, it can be used with powder coat.

  • Can you use clear binder? Mix with the hyper shift pearl, and then just put straight clear over the top or does it only go in the clear?

    For best result, we would suggest to mix the HyperShift directly in the clear of your choice.

  • What is the best type of gun and tip to use when using this for automotive purposes?

    Any spray gun will do just fine, recommended tip for our HyperShifts will be 1.2-1.3mm.

  • How of this do you think will be needed to complete a 2006 trailblazer

    You would probably need 25grams and a gallon of clear. You can do more or less depending on the color that you are going for. We always suggest testing it on a small scale first.

  • I have a 2015 Harley Davidson Ultra Touring bike, will 5 grams work?

    You would probably need 10-15 grams with a half gallon of clear over a black base coat. That is just the standard, you can do more or less depending on the color that you are going for. We always suggest testing it on a small scale first.

  • Hi I was wondering how much of this paint do I need for a 2017 kia forte s and how much is it I am in el paso tx 79936 and I love the paint awesome 👌 job guys keep up the good colors like this

    • Peelable Automotive Coatings (Plasti Dip, Pro Line, Autoflex, Etc.) 25 Grams Per Gallon
    • Standard Automotive Clears 25 Grams Per Half Gallon (2 Quarts)

  • Can I use your product to mix with a clear epoxy, for making epoxy river tables?


    Yes, absolutely!

  • Can Zth be shot over a crystal scheme

    Hi, we are not sure what you are referring to. One thing is for sure, our pearls works almost on everything.

  • Do I have to sand my Car first, because I have a black gloss car, and what do I mix the hyper shift pearl with?


    It depends on what paint you are using. We always recommend to follow directions based on the actual coating theyre using. Typically, black base coat works best with our HyperShifts. You can mix it with a clear coat for best result. We highly suggest to test it on a small scale first, if you are unsure.

  • Can this color be brought to Sri Lanka? and how much would it cost?


    Yes, we do ship internationally. We may be able to check the total international shipping fee but we need the City and the Zipcode of your address. Please email us at for further assistance.


  • What base color was used for the color sample pictures of the colorshift pearls in the brochure?


    Black basecoat works best for most of our HyperShifts.


  • Hello there, can I paint the hypershift colour on a rc body shell polycarbonate

    All of our powder based pigments will work great when mixed into any clear medium or paint. Please note that they wont so much change the chemical structure of your coating or paint, where the liquid itself is actually what matters in this case. Of course, we always recommend spraying a small sample first!


  • I have a 2007 honda civic sedan how many grams should I buy? Thanks


    25 Grams of our ZTH Hypershift Pearl should be enough for a Honda Civic Sedan.

    Hope this helps,
    KP Pigments Team

  • Hey, I absolutely LOVE that pearl!!!!! Ok, I have 2012 Black Chevy Equinox. How much do I have to get to completely cover my car?


    Thank you! For a Chevy Equinox, we recommend using about 50 grams of ZTH Hypershift Pearl.

    Hope this helps,
    KP Pigments Team