ZRG Hypershift Pearl
ZRG Hypershift Pearl
ZRG Hypershift Pearl

ZRG Hypershift Pearl

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ZRG HyperShift Pearl

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The most vivid and chromatic colorshift/ color travel pigments on the market. Unbelievable hiding ability and chroma; shifts between: Reds to Oranges to Golds To Greens. Finishes to a pearlescent sheen. Pictured over a black base coat.


***ZRG IS A PROTOTYPE HYPERSHIFT PEARL. Long term testing is yet to be completed on this material for certain applications.  Arts and Crafts, Automotive Painting, Screen Printing, Footwear have all proven safe but specifically Dipping/Peelable Paint application should be aware that pigment transfer may be possible.  Use caution especially when applying over lighter OEM colors like White or Silver.***



Silica(Si02) 67.5%-85.8% and Titanium Oxide(Ti305 ) 14.2%-32.5%


Ask a Question
  • If I would want to block the clear with # 1500 and #2000 grit wet before buffing would you recommend two additional coats of clear over the clear with the hyper shift pearls ?

    Yes, you can seal it for extra protection.

  • Can you mix these hyper shift and pearls with any other clear coats so it will not peel off?

    Yes, you can. You can use it with a Standard Automotive Clear (any brand)

  • Am i able to purchase this hypershift in the UK

    Yes, you can. We do ship internationally via DHL.