ZGT Hypershift Pearl

ZGT Hypershift Pearl

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ZGT Hypershift Pearl

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Hypershift Brilliance with ZGT pearll

ZGT Hypershift Pearl

The most vivid and chromatic colorshift/ color travel pigments on the market. Unbelievable hiding ability and chroma; shifts between: Greens to Blues to Purples. Finishes to a super fine pearlescent sheen. Pictured over a black base coat and white base coat.


Silica 60676-86-0 Titanium Dioxide 13463-67-7


Ask a Question
  • Had a follow up question, so i add the power to a clear varish correct?

    Yes, any clear medium would potentially work. Just test it on a small scale first.

  • Heyy, Can I use this in flexo label printing? and if I can do I still need a black base coat?

    You sure can. Yes, a black base is recommended to get the best possible result.

  • Can it be sprayed in a regular paint gun hvlp?

    Yes, with 1.2 - 1.3mm tip you'll be fine.