ZBR HyperShift Pearl

ZBR HyperShift Pearl

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ZBR HyperShift Pearl

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Hypershift Brilliance with ZBR pearll

The most vivid and chromatic colorshift/ color travel pigments on the market. Unbelievable hiding ability and chroma; shifts between: Black to Purple to Red to Orange to Gold. Finishes to a pearlescent sheen. Pictured over a black base coat.


Silica 7631.86.9, Aluminum 7429.90.5, Iron 7439.89.6


Ask a Question
  • Can you put the pigment in with the black basecoat and then just top coat it with clearcoat?


    Our ZBR Hypershift works best over a black base coat when mixed into a clear medium. Less is more with this color!

    KP Pigments Team

  • Hi I am planning to paint my bike using your product, the ZBR , What should I use for base coat to get the matt finish? Can I mix the ZBR with normal clearcoat paint? Your product is amazing and I will for sure purchase it.

    Our ZBR Hypershift Pearl works best over any black base coat. You can use our pigments in any clear paint as well.

  • Hello I have and a gallon of Intercoat clear that’s mixed 1:1 with reducer which would equal 2 sprayable gallons. . How many grams is preferred to mix with.

    Typically, our ZBR Hypershift Pearl is mixed at 25 grams per gallon. However, you can do less with this color when sprayed over a black base to get an even darker effect!

  • If you are using a tri-coat paint how many layers of mid-coat are you suppose to spray?

    When using any of our pearlescent pigments in a tri-coat paint job, it depends on the user. Typically our Hypershift pigments are loaded at a ratio of 7.5-10 grams per quart of automotive paint. On your average-sized sedan, you will need about 20-25 grams total. Please note, spraying heavier or lighter will yield different results.

  • can i use a clear coat that gets hard

    Yes, our pigments work great with almost all clear substrates or paints.

  • I am looking to paint my Motorcycle with the ZBR hypershift, and given that it is only a tank and two fenders, I think I should be able to use the 5 gram package, possibly two of them. What is the recommended size of clear coat to mix with the 5 gram?

    You should be fine with 5-10 grams to make 1-2 quarts sprayable. Less is more with this color!

  • Which sheen black works best under the ZBR? Gloss? Matte?

    Hello, it doesn't matter as long as it's a black base. So regardless if it's gloss black or matte, it will work just fine.

  • Can you use and is your product compatible with using candy clear coat

    Yes, you can. This can be mixed with any clear medium.

  • Can I mix the pearl as a mid coat. Using a clear base, instead of adding it to the clearcoat?

    Yes, you sure can. It can be mixed with any clear medium.

  • How is the UV longevity in automotive clear coat with multiple clears layers over top? Will there be any pigmentation loss or dulling 5 years from now? 10 years? Thanks, love your products.

    To ensure lasting durability when your car is exposed to UV light, we recommend applying multiple coats of clear on top of the pearl. By doing so, you can expect excellent results for 2-3 years, although this duration might vary based on different factors.

  • I am painting my car with your ZBR Hypershift with a black base coat, how many grams of the ZBR Hypershift pigment do I use per gallon of clear to maintain the more black to red color and show much less of the plum or purple tone I am seeing on other people cars who use this Hypershift? I really want it to come out more black and not plum, I also really want the red to really come through during the color shift.


    For the ZBR HyperShift Pearl it's 25g per gallon. However, this is just the standard. You can do more or less depending on what look you are going for. We highly recommend spraying small sample first if you are unsure.