Thermochromic 12 Color Changing Mood Ring Ink
Thermochromic 12 Color Changing Mood Ring Ink
Thermochromic 12 Color Changing Mood Ring Ink

Thermochromic 12 Color Changing Mood Ring Ink

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Thermotropic Color Changing Mood Ring Ink


(1) 30mL Bottle of KP Pigments Thermochromic Mood Ring Ink. This ink is the perfect way to take your project over the top! The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
12 Color Thermotropic ink changes colors between 60F - 96F
Colors flip between:
Black, Brown, Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow, Green Blue & Purple.
***This is in concentrate form. It is best used by being brushed or rolled on. In order to make this sprayable, you will have to reduce it with water at a 20-30% ratio typically.***
You will need a minimum of 1000ml to spray a small car depending on how much of an effect you would like.
  • Black base coat suggested.


Ask a Question
  • Good afternoon, Is this product safe/effective if used with acrylic resin? Thanks!

    Yes you can! Just please note it is waterbased.

  • How much paint would you suggest is needed to paint a set of motorcycle fairings?

    Probably 10-20 bottles of this ink.

  • Can I use this in a nail polish form if I add to nail polish base coat or top coat?

    This is in liquid form and you cannot mix it with any base coat or top coat but this should work perfectly over a black base.

  • I have a single speed bicycle I want to paint this color. The mood ring ink. Any guess of a suggestion of how much I might need to buy to put on 5-6 coats ??

    You would need 10-16 bottles to make 500 ml or less of this ink.

  • Hey will it work on fabric or leather or a windbreaker jacket and will it change colour with water

    It potentially will. The color changes when the temperature change.

  • I've tried mixing a small amount into resin and noticed it isn't miscible. Is there a potential method to prevent the curdling that's going on?

    Hello, the Mood Ring Ink is water-based and is not suitable for mixing with resin or any clear medium. To make it sprayable, it needs to be diluted with water, typically at a ratio of 20-30%. For optimal results, it is recommended to apply this product over a black base.

  • Hi could you use this on a white base coat thank you

    Certainly, you have the option to use a different base, but please be aware that the end result may vary significantly. For optimal results, we recommend applying this product over a black base. It's essential to note that using different bases can produce different outcomes, so we strongly advise conducting a test sample before proceeding with a full-scale application.

  • How many square feet will one bottle od concentrate cover without diluting

    Hello, that would depend on how many coats you're planning on your application.

  • I have a 1995 Chevy S10 and want this for my paint job. Can it be done, is this the 12 color change and how much would I need? Also, would sealing it stop the color changing effect? Thank you.

    Yes, that can be done. You will need a minimum of 1000ml (30 bottles) to spray a small car depending on how much of an effect you would like. Black base coat suggested. You may seal it with a top coat and it will be fine.

  • I'd like to mood paint my table tops in my art classroom. Would this work for that?

    Over a black base, yes it will work.

  • Can This Be Mixed In Automotive Mid Coat And Sprayed?


    No, you cannot. You cannot spray it with anything to get more. Best to spray it with itself.

  • Is this product toxic to humans.

    No it is not! Our Mood Ring ink is safe to use. As always though, working using eye and hand protection is recommended and not only safer, but cleaner as well!