Silver Steel - Epoxy Pigment Paste for Epoxy Resin, Tint/Pigment Paste with Spoon for Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Resin Woodworking and More!

Silver Steel - Epoxy Pigment Paste for Epoxy Resin, Tint/Pigment Paste with Spoon for Arts and Crafts, Jewelry, Resin Woodworking and More!

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Your Creations with Silver Steel Epoxy Pigment and Resin Tint

  • BRIGHT, DEEP COLORS THAT LOOK STUNNING - Our superior epoxy pigment provides super rich colors that easily tint epoxy resin, making it look entirely new and different. Add deeper hues to some of your favorite creations, whether you're making crafts for yourself at home, giving them as gifts to loved ones, or selling them to customers. These pigments truly bring the WOW factor!
  • EQUIPPED WITH SPOON FOR EASY HANDLING - Mixing pigments and adding them to your resin has never been easier with the convenient compact spoon that comes with the pigment. Use it to add as little as much of the color as you'd like to add to your creations but remember, a little goes a long way with our deep, rich pigment. As a result, you'll use much less product while still getting the most stunning color added to your crafts, such as jewelry, reusable cups, trays, and so much more.
  • EASY TO MIX & USE ON RESIN PRODUCTS - Easily mix the pigment with other colors to create stunning hues, or use it as is with the compact spoon in hand. We've made it simple enough to add the bold, striking color you want to any resin products you're creating.
  • CONVENIENT COMPACT CONTAINER - The epoxy pigment comes in a convenient, lightweight container sealed to keep the color inside until you're ready to use it. Because it's compact, you can easily pack the pigment in your travel bag and head out the door, taking it with you wherever you go! Planning to prepare resin crafts while visiting a friend or traveling? Carry this pigment with you so that you'll always have a way to add cool color to each piece.
  • GET AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT WITH OUR EPOXY PIGMENT - We support innovation and encourage you to get as creative as you'd like using our epoxy pigments. Enjoy the quality of the color our epoxy pigment paste provides while tapping into your artistic side to make some of the most beautiful pieces of art.


Ask a Question
  • I just started tumbling clear glass using 60/90 and 180/220 silicone carbide grits. I’m using metallic alcohol ink and metallic mica powder. I really don’t care for alcohol ink but the mica powder is really cool. My son and I are creating custom glass decanters and I’ve thought about airbrushing the glass instead of the alcohol ink. Could you recommend any of the products you have created that I could use to make my product beyond and above anything that anyone has ever seen in the way tumbled crush glass or marbles? What I see is that most everyone who’s involved with this type of craft are solely focused on creating and passing off their product as seaglass, beach glass or seafoam which I have no desire whatsoever to do. I would really like to get involved in using your custom products to achieve this goal of taking tumbled glass to the next level! Shalom and thank you for your time.

    To elevate your tumbled glass decanters, I recommend experimenting with our ColorShift Pearl Pigments. These pigments create mesmerizing color shifts on glass surfaces, offering a unique and captivating finish that stands out from traditional methods. Additionally, consider incorporating our Holographic Glitter Microflakes for added sparkle and dimension. With these custom products, you can achieve a stunning and innovative look that surpasses traditional tumbled glass crafts.