Omicron Pearl

Omicron Pearl

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Omicron Pearl

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An Optically Variable (ColorShift/Color Changing)  interference pearl pigment that shifts from Blue to Indigo, to Purple to Teal. An intense sparkle Interference ColorShift pigment with strong metallic effects and highly chromatic colors. Pictured over a black and white basecoat.


Mica 12001-26-2, Titanium dioxide 13463-67-7, Silica 7631-86-9, Tin Oxide 18282-10-5


Ask a Question
  • Can the powders be added to a clear powder coat and they be sprayed? What’s the mixing formula if is possible as well as how many coats on what base would be required?

    Yes, they are suitable for powder coating. The standad mixing ratio is 5-10% by the weight of the clear powder. A few coats would be ideal depending on the color you are going for.

  • I’m into wood turning with epoxy resin. I’m interested in using some of the Hypershift pigments in the resin. I haven’t seen any of your products on turning/epoxy YouTube videos. How do you think the finished product would turn out. The Red to Black pigment from Dip yourCar was excellent !! Thx


    Our pearls can be used with almost everything. Our Pearls come in a powder form and can be mixed in with any CLEAR paint, dip, epoxy, resin, etc. I believe, you are referring to ZBO or ZBR HyperShift.