Kryptobright Green Glow In The Dark
Kryptobright Green Glow In The Dark
Kryptobright Green Glow In The Dark

Kryptobright Green Glow In The Dark

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Kryptobright Green Glow In The Dark

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Kryptobright Green Glow In The Dark is the first of it's kind to be the brightest and longest lasting glow in the dark pigment in the industry.


Proprietary Blend


Ask a Question
  • I have a couple questions.... 1- I just got my bike painted "Gun Metal grey, with blue, green, purple pearl" Can the glow in the dark be combined with a clear coat or would the bike have to be painted again? 2- How many grams would i need to paint a harley nightrain?

    Glow in the dark only works best over a white base coat so you would need a new basecoat. For something of that size, we would estimate about 50 grams mixed into a half gallon of clear.


  • Is this waterproof as in in won’t harden or mess up sitting in paint over time.

    Yes, the pigments are microencapsulated so they can be used in a waterbased system.

  • Is it non toxic?

    Yes this pigment is Strontium Aluminate based as is non-toxic.

  • If your car is already white and top coated. Can this be applied over it with out sanding

    Yes, it would work. However, we always suggest testing it on a small scale first.

  • When you say longest lasting here and on the Instagram post, are you referring to how long it will stay glowing after receiving sunlight or how long before it loses the ability to glow altogether? I'm always keeping an eye out for my next AutoFlex dip for my car

    Longest Lasting in the sense of how bright the color will illuminate for when "Charged" by UV or LED light. Best bet is always to "charge" it in a garage with lots of light and then bring it out into the darkness. People tend to think that leaving it to charge in the sun all day will work but the Sun changes angles, and sunset is also a slow process where lots of illumination time is lost.