Mixing Pearl Pigments to Create Custom Paints

One way of getting the most out of your pearl pigments is by mixing them to produce custom colors. It gets even better when you play around withchameleon pigments. If you love to work with a large variety of colors, this would be a fun project for you.

Before you start playing around with pearl pigments and paint, you should get some breathing apparatus. You do not want to be breathing in paint fumes, or pearl pigment dust. A respirator that can block vapors and micro-particles is recommended.

Creating Custom Paints

You’ll need a clear base-coat binder to which you will add the pearl pigments. A binder is preferred because it is less likely to run and it’s easy to correct if you make a mistake. You have to be very precise when it comes to the amount of pearl kp pigment hypershift powder you add to the binder.

Pearl pigments are different depending on the manufacturer. Different amounts of the different pearl pigment hypershift pearl powders are required to make a liter of paint.

For instance, 15 grams of a certain type of pearl pigment will make a liter of paint. If you are going for a plain color, you should add 15 grams of pearl pigments to a liter of the binder. If you are going for a combination of differently colored pearl pigments, you should divide the 15 grams required among the colors available proportionately.

You can play around with the colors depending on which color you want to be prominent.

The most common pearl pigments are those that consist of mica particles and a coating of titanium oxide. These have a stable color, and can sometimes change color depending on the angle at which light rays fall on them. The resultant paint is going to look different under different kinds of light. Such paints can easily blend in with any environment. You will not have to struggle too much choosing which colors to use.

Pearl pigment spray paints produce better results as compared to applying the pearl pigment powder directly. The spray paint produces a more even coat. You’ll use a lot less pearl pigment powder and achieve better results if you decide to go the spray paint route.

There are endless ways of mixing pearl pigments to get custom paint. You will never go back to ordinary paints once you start painting with pearl pigments. Pearl pigments are flexible and they allow you to bring out your creativity.