How to Use Pearl Pigments in Cosmetic Products and Makeups

The value of cosmetics and makeups are in their optical appearance and skin feel. These two aspects can be enhanced by using pearl pigments in cosmetics and makeups. Pearl pigments are commonly used in eye-shadows and lipsticks to give them a glitter and pearly effect. Pearl pigments in cosmetic products and makeups, when applied on skin, exhibit the same behavior they do on other surfaces.

Pearl Pigment in Makeup

Pearl pigments that consist of mica coated with a layer of titanium dioxide are added to the colorantseye-shadows or lipstick. Due to light interference, pearl pigments are able to exhibit their own color. The color intensity is affected by the intensity of light and the base color. Pearl pigments for use in cosmetics are processed with black titanium dioxide. This ensures that they exhibit a stable color on all skin colors.

While adding pearl pigments to makeups in DIY procedures, you should never ground them with mortar and pestle. Grinding them will break and remove the metal oxide coating. They will lose the luster and the original color as well. The pearly effect is the most desired aspect of the pearl pigments. It should not be destroyed. Pearl pigments are quite easy to mix with the other ingredients. They can always be added into the mixture at the end.

A Wide Range of Colors

Pearl pigments are generally non-toxic and safe for use in cosmetics. There is a wide range of colors to choose from. Colors within the Carbon series and the OEM+ series are not safe for use in cosmetics though. Pearl pigments are used in cosmetics mainly for their pearly effect, rather than the color. Color-Shift pearl pigments can be used as well. The colors will change with viewing angle after the makeup has been applied. 

The amounts used depend on the iridescent and pearlescent effects desires. A spoonful of pearl pigment powder is enough for each pound of makeup you want to color. You can add more if you want more glitter on the make-up. The glitter and shine are enhanced by light though.

Pearl pigments have been used in cosmetics for centuries. They have seen tremendous improvements over time. Modern pearl pigments will certainly add an appealing optical appearance to your make-up. Pearl pigments should always be one of your ingredients if you love to make custom cosmetics and make-up.