How Come Certain Pigments Change Color Like a Chameleon?

You’ve probably been quite fascinated by surfaces that change colors like a chameleon. These surfaces have been finished with pearl pigment paint. Color-Shift or interference pearl pigments change color depending on the angle of view. Color-Shift peal pigmentshave several different layers. You will observe different reflections while viewing at different angles, hence the different colors. The color changes along the wavelength spectrum. The colors will shift to shorter wavelengths as the angle of view moves from steep to flat.

Interference Peral Pigments

Interference pearl pigments have a coating. The coating could be either titanium oxide or iron oxide. These compounds are highly refractive and reflective. The refractivity and reflectivity depend on the wavelength of the light falling on them though. They will refract or reflect light rays before they hit the pearl pigment substrate.  Light is scattered in many directions when it falls on the pearl pigments. A wide range of colors will be observed as a result of interference of reflected ore refracted rays.

Iron Oxide has a reddish hue of its own. It, therefore, affects the colors exhibited by the pearl pigment. It absorbs some of the light rather than reflecting it all. Silicone Oxide is also used to coat the pearl pigment. It allows produces a more prominent angle-dependent color changing behavior. Its low reflectivity poses a challenge when a particular color scheme is desired though. The challenge can be overcome by coating adding a coat of a highly reflective material on the silica flake. Aluminum is a great material to use. It increases the chroma of the pearl pigments, adds a shiny metallic glow.

Custom Color Scheme

Many people are nowadays choosing to have their stuff finished with pearl pigment paint, especially cars. It is possible to have a personalized color scheme. This is achieved by combining interference and Color-Shift pigments of the same size. Similar colors from the two pigments will cancel out leaving just a couple of them. Color-Shift pearl pigments can be designed to change by a subtle gradient or have a more pronounced change to a completely different color. This allows a choice between subtle color changes or striking color changes on your surfaces.

You can use the color changing pearl pigments to give your car, furniture, or floor a new look. There is room to choose a personal color scheme if you are looking for specific colors. Pearl pigment paints will certainly make your surfaces look stylish and modern.