3 Interesting Pearl Pigments Projects You Should Try

Pearl Pigments are a darling for anyone who loves color. Pearl pigments are a dynamic way of coloring objects. You’ve probably seen items that had a glossy reflective finish, and wondered how it was achieved. It’s most likely that pearl pigments were used.

Here are three interesting DIY projects you should have a go at if you are passionate or curious about pearl pigments.

Shiny Pendants

You can create your own pendant to go with your colorful dress. You can mold the pendant out of white clay, or buy a plain-colored pendant. Go for a regular-shaped pendant to make it easy to color it using pearl pigments.

Coloring the pendant is just like painting. It gets better if you are a talented painter. You don’t have to be one to be able to color your pendant though. You can go for one color or multiple colors depending on what tickles your fancies. You can also use a paper screen if you want to create patterns. If you had molded your pendant out of clay, allow it to sit and dry and the pearl pigment color to set in.


You can create custom greeting cards for any occasion. Adding a personal touch to a card brings excitement to both the sender and the receiver. You can paint, write, and create awesome patterns on a card using pearl pigments.

Starting with plain-colored cards is always the best idea. You will need paper screens if you want to create any intricate patterns. Applying the pearl pigments on the card is quite easy. You can apply the pigments with your hands or a brush.

Rainbow Nails

This one is for the ladies. You can create a shiny rainbow pattern on your nails or nail extensions. Start with regular black nail polish. Make sure the polished surface is even and smooth. Allow the nails to cure for 60 seconds, then wipe out the sticky layer with rubbing alcohol.

The next step is to create a smoky effect by applying a while gel and touching it up with rubbing alcohol. Do not cure the white gel. Just allow it to dry. Now take your pearl pigments and apply them over the white sticky parts. You can mix up the colors in any way that you are comfortable with.

Once you are comfortable with the way the pigments look, finish up by touching the nails up with a clear top-coat. Cure the nails for 60 seconds.